Stephanie Hitchins.

A few years ago, my husband surprised me with my favorite camera body for christmas and I wept as I opened it. If that doesn't express my love for photography enough, then check out my work. I try to capture the love and happiness of those in my images. It is so fun and so rewarding being able to do this for others. It is important to me that my clients truly love what they get with their photographs. I have had clients claim that they "owe me their life" because I captured their sweet family so perfectly. That is what I believe my job is, it is to capture the sweetest moments in your life. It thrills me to my very core to do so. 

 I am from sunny Southern California, I have been in Idaho the past 4 years and I currently live in Gilbert Arizona. Even though I (sort of) miss the snow, I am loving the sunshine here. I am married to a stud named John and we have a pup named Rufus. I ABSOLUTELY love taking photographs. I have had a passion for it for the last 8 years.

Let me be the one to capture those special moments for you, the moments you never want to forget.