Bells on Bells on BELLS!

This is the Bell Family! They were seriously THE BEST! The littles were so full of personality and their new little man was seriously the sweetest and SO handsome. They are a beautiful family!

We went to the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, AZ to take their family photos and it was so gorgeous. It was my first time there! We walked around and there was so much to look at. It was unreal with beauty. I loved connecting with this family there. It was so sweet to see their interaction together. Their mom and dad simply loved each other. It is always so sweet to see that after 3 littles, they still adore each other. Thank you Bell Family for letting me capture this sweet moment in your hectic lives!

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Look at this sweet moment they were having... my heart!!

Look at this sweet moment they were having... my heart!!

I LOVE that I caught her stealing a Kiss and then laughing about it! Look at her!!!

I LOVE that I caught her stealing a Kiss and then laughing about it! Look at her!!!

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He was done! He totally passed out! Didn't cry once!! I couldn't believe it. 

He was done! He totally passed out! Didn't cry once!! I couldn't believe it. 

They were the sweetest!!

They were the sweetest!!

This Little Sassy Sweetness

This little sweet girl and I totally bonded. I try and make the littles feel comfortable before I start snapping shots of them and so I will walk to the location from the cars with them and ask them questions and get them comfortable with me. Avery and I totally had a running race to the location and back to the car together. She won of course! ;)

She was a doll though. Spunky and she JUST TURNED 4!!! She was so good at talking and was really very smart. I loved working with her!


The Happiest of Families!

I met this family through another family I photographed and I felt so amazed to have been graced with the chance to meet this sweet little family. From the start,  they were all giggles and fun! There were moments of frustration from the littlest, because being little is so hard when it comes to taking photos and having a big scary lens in your face is not welcoming! I totally understand. When this happens with the littles, I have to change my approach and change it fast. We started chasing and playing together and once they felt comfortable, that was when we were able to get the natural stuff! And BOY was it worth it! I loved capturing the love of this sweet family and being invited into their warmth, even while it was snowing during the photos! Such a fun time!!

They left me the sweetest review and I thought I would share because it articulates exactly why I love what I do! I love diving in and becoming a part of the family rather than making them adapt to me. "I have two very young, very energetic children, and the thing that impressed me most about Stephanie is that from the minute we greeted each other she was literally running after the kids capturing quick, sweet moments of them just being themselves.  She was fast, she was adaptable, she was totally flexible and just went with the flow.  She took her lead from the kids instead of forcing them to sit still and smile in front of a camera.  Some of the time she even ran along side them and just held her camera out and clicked, not even looking through the lens.  She captured so many subtle, real moments.  She was so impressive and professional.  I was confidant in her skills before our shoot even happened but then seeing her in action just confirmed my confidence in her even more.  She is skilled and energetic and took charge and knows exactly what she's doing."


Nothing Like A Beautiful Newborn To Brighten Your Day

I had the incredible opportunity to photograph the birth of the sweetest little baby girl. Her parents were anxious to have her first moments of life documented and I was honored they chose me to capture this for them.

Side note****: I feel like births are so incredible. I have photographed a few so far and I become emotional in all of them. It is... indescribable how much they denote a miracle. I have never had a baby myself, but to witness such a miracle is incomparable to anything I have experienced before. The love that exists in the room is thick and tangible. Such a fresh little spirit sent from Heavenly Father is so peaceful and I just LOVE photographing this special moment for families.

I am not posting the actual birth, but the day after I returned to get some more photos of this sweet family and their first moments of life together. It amazes me how different life becomes the moment that little one joins a family. The whole dynamic changes. You once were two and now you're three.. and 4 and 5 and 6 and and and. Every single newborn is different and brings with them a sense of excitement and anticipation for the future... This little Poppy brought this all right along with her. Thank you for letting me capture this special moment for you guys!!

First time meeting Grandma (She lived too far and wasn't able to make it)

First time meeting Grandma (She lived too far and wasn't able to make it)


Chandler + Noelle Stoleworthy

These two were such a blast to photograph. They wanted to do something more urban than the more rural photos I have been photographing lately. I was excited and they were too! We decided to go downtown SLC and ignore all the people and just have fun.... and it was!! It was so FUN! I dare you to not smile while looking at these two beautiful people and their happy happy love with each other.. 


Tregg + Jennifer Corbridge

I could not choose out of these photos! The landscape was AMAZING and then to add this beautiful couple into it. I about peed my pants with excitement about how this whole shoot turned out! I mean, Just look at them! They are such happy people in such a beautiful landscape. CHECK THEM OUT!!!


Johnson Family

It was so fun to photograph these two RAD people!!! Kelli and I had gone to college together and I had yet to meet her husband until we met for me to photograph them. And BOY are these two hilarious!! I had so a blast getting to photograph them and getting to know her comedic husband!!! Michael and Kelli, you two ROCK!

Jackson Family

Look at this little stinker girl!!! Baby Reese is so adorable and I just couldn't help myself. She had so much personality and would smile and smile for me but the moment I put the lens in her face to capture her smile, she would go straight faced on me. Stinker!!!  But those blue eyes!! and her cute little outfit. Be still my heart!! Thank you Stephanie and Brent for letting me capture your beautiful little family. 


Baker Family

These two people. I just think the world of them. We became good friends when we were neighbors once! OOOOO to be neighbors with them again one day! I wish!!! Anyway, you can see their goodness and happiness in these photos. I am just certain you will fall in love with them too!! Enjoy!!!


Smith Family

This bunch right here are hysterical. You can see it through their photos! They are all about being silly and making the best kinds of ugly faces! It was a blast photographing them and I am grateful to call them family! 


Blackburn Family Photos

This cute little family just captured my heart! I have known Christa for sometime now. We used to work together about 4 or 5 years ago, before marriage and before kids or dogs were in our lives. It is so much fun for me to photograph my friends and see their families grow and expand!! I was so happy to capture their happiness!



Mini Holiday Photo Sessions

Right now, I am starting Mini Holiday Photo Sessions!!!! You know how you need a great family photo for those holiday cards you are trying to get out, but don't have a ton of money or time to get them done? Well, I am here to solve that problem! I am doing mini sessions that are quick, easy, no fuss, and at a great price! You're going to want to tell your friends!

I will be in Utah this coming week of Wednesday, October 15th through Sunday, October 19th. Contact me for details if you want to be put into one of my mini photo session slots! My email is I am dying to capture your happiness for this holiday season! 

Come on! You know you want to... just do it already!! 


Guys. This is so exciting to have this new space to show my work. I welcome you to my new space! Feel free to look at the main page to check out some of my most recent work. Also, come back for other posts to know about different sessions I will be doing and where I will be located, maybe I'll be located where you are and then I can capture you!

Thank you for sharing in my love of photography with me. I have been so excited to get this website up and running! Welcome. I'll see you around! :)